Fall / Winter 2022-23

Explore the place with your eyes, mind and skin. Sense the space and your body within it. Close your eyes. Rely on your memory. Count the objects. Visualise contours, voids and solids, light and shadows. Eliminate all that is superfluous.  The excesses of forms. The crowding of styles.

What remains when we seek the essence of things? What remains is matter without time. The balance of incorruptible forms. The matrix of beauty from which derives a conception of elegance that works by subtraction.

Design, the architecture of the great masters, and Italian tailoring tell us with one voice a story of research, of carefully developed details and an existential style in which the protagonists are pure proportions, functionality and lines that support the body and movement.

Your life, your story, your essence.

An exclusive communication concept to narrate the daily life of a contemporary man in an incredible location designed by architect Carlo Scarpa in Vicenza. The ideal place to experience the most advanced Italian sartorial knowledge of the new Belvest collection: ready to be worn.