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Chianetica -

Chianetica is the official archive of the creative works created by the Chiani family. A historical and private place that is open for readers to see where 50 years of ideas, art, design, graphics, communication are told. From 1960 to where we are today. A history that, without too many explanations, can be looked through and seen. Chianetica (aka Chianetics) is the word that holds the creative history of a creative family. In pronouncing it, you can already hear the memories: references that are not random, but desired, or better still, longed for. Think about genetics, it has always united (and always will). Think about ethics, it is the underlying theme of every great story. And again, think ironically and say “Helvetica”, because it is the font of all fonts; or rather, let’s talk about kinetics because every idea is a movement. There, Chianetica isn’t haphazard.

It’s a book, an archive, a chest of drawers that silently brings to mind the old and beautiful one of typographers. A privileged place to which we entrusted our creative memories, of the past and present: in order like the alphabet, infinite like their potential. Every letter, one after the other. They open the doors to a vocabulary that belongs to a family, but not only: because art has this beautiful gift of belonging to everybody. Chianetica is exactly this story, told with that fond memory of the great family album; it’s a word that unites even more those people that love this profession and have always breathed it within the walls of their home: living, share and growing together on bread and creativity.

Franco Chiani (1940-2020), the name of man who started this story (and this archive). Then Ilaria, Francesca, Vieri: exactly, they started here. Of course, they followed different creative paths that crossed often and not by chance. And now they find themselves here, to dust off, remember and discover a bit what they’ve missed in these years; Chiani, Chiani not. Here, under the same roof, as it is and as it was. Their creativity, their art, their history. But also something that starts before the creativity, the art, the history: love (the true one) for the creative gesture (the true one). It’s called respect for every small movement that has something to say and knows how to say it. Chianetica pays homage to this common feeling, this profession that moulds ideas and makes something totally unique out of it.

A note from who has done it and knows it. It’s true, there is no dust in this archive. Open as it is, on the past and on the future, on a dynamic present: supplied with ideas that have been and will be. Updated and enriched, tantalized and nourished by ideas that come to life to show their creativity. Here it’s art, it’s continuously doing without stopping if not in front of things that make me stop and look and deserve that look. This archive is all that. Just come to life and already wanting to embrace all possible “Chianideas”.