Select F

Graphic design from Spain

With the Montserrat mountains decorating our catalogue and our stand at the Frankfurt international bookfair, Select F is going to travel the four corners of the world just like the previous editions of Select did, going from London to Chicago by way of Tokyo before arriving at Madrid.

What’s new in Select F? A lot, and nothing. Nothing’s new about its concept, its organization, its format, or its structure. But a lot’s new about its content. Everything in it in fact is new. Every page in Select F is something original. Certainly you may have seen some of them before, and others may remain for you to discover. But there is no doubt that all of them are of exceptional quality; the selectors gathered at the CCCB picked them out, after much debate, from the more than a thousand that were received.

We hope that you agree with their selection, and that with all of us working together we have once more made Select F a representative piece of the present landscape of Spanish graphic design, both by professionals and students, and also of the creativity that is being applied today to the new technologies.

There are a lot of people behind this project, and without the professionalism and effort they gave to it Select F would not have been possible. Putting together a book is difficult, but to put together a Select …

To all of you that feel a connection to Select, we thank you very much. There are still a lot of letters left in the alphabet, and the feeling that we are going down a good road with this has made us thinking already about “G.….” G for Good Natured. Genuine, Generous, Graphic, Great, Glorious, Girth…… Or just Select G.

Language‏: English, Spanish
Hardcover: 561 pages

Second-hand Book, Size 15.4×21.7cm, DVD included.


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